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    Search by Author (MSL)

    Suggested by Mark SmithCompleted 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    Can we please add the ability to track Authors. For example right now I cannot monitor any post by @nzCRMguy. If someone mentions @nzCRMguy it picks that up, or if someone RT @nzCRMguy that works. What's the point of having the ability to add a MSL widget to a Contact record in CRM if you cannot show what that person is posting?

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    Unify CRM and SharePoint Security model

    Suggested by Voni GarrettNew 1
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    Please unify CRM and SharePoint security model, so security settings on CRM Entities can be propagated on related SharePoint Document Libraries or Sites.

    Not doing this means having potential security breaks. For example, users not allowed to see a CRM record could still access a SharePoint Document Library that is related to that record (for example, through SharePoint Search).

    I found this suggestion from 6 years ago, and, it is just as valid if not more today. This is a huge hole in functionality and integration between the two Microsoft products. We should not have to subscribe to a third party product for this ability to support security between CRM and Sharepoint.
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    Reply to Twitter Post from Interactive Service Hub Timeline

    Suggested by Jesper OsgaardPlanned 1
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration


    When working with a Case picked up from Twitter via the Link To Dynamics 365 feature in MSE, it would be useful for the CSR/Agent to be able to create a Twitter reply to the author of the post from the Interactive Service hubs Timeline
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    Ability to respond to social post directly from case/lead entity (as activity)

    Suggested by Kate MichelPlanned 1
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    Use case:

    • Post comes in from Twitter (or any supported MSE channel)

    • Post is converted to a D365 case/lead entity

    • User is assigned the case

    • User wants to reply to the social post

    • User should be able to create a reply as an activity on the case and have it post as a reply to the original social post that generated the entity from MSE

    As a D365 user I want to be able to reply to a customer on a social channel directly from the D365 entity that was generated by a social post. I do not want to have to go into MSE or directly to the social channel in order to generate a reply.

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    Link Social Profiles with customer profile automaticaly

    Suggested by LUIS KAEFERRejected 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    One prospect asked if it would be possible link a social profile with customer data automaticaly. For example, they want to use email as a primary key. So if social listening found data about a client using email, it could link the profiles automaticaly.

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    Social Engagement & CRM Integration [Auto Create CRM Records For Certain Search Topics]

    Suggested by KONRAD THIELCompleted 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    Good Day,

    With the latest release of SE we’ve been excited to be able to create lead or case records automatically based on clicking “Link to CRM” in Social Engagement. There are some situations where we would like this to happen automatically without human interaction. Two requests:
    First: We would like a way to pick a search topic and indicate “link all social records” to this type of CRM entity automatically [we can forgo the custom note – or have it be the same for each synced post].

    Second: You can bulk (select all check box) assign, label, or remove records/posts in the steam view in S.E. but it appears you can’t bulk create CRM Records this way either. This would be a nice feature to have.

    A work around would be creating an S.E. Alert and pipe it into a CRM e-mail queue and auto convert using routing and rules, but that seems less than ideal since the user still has to navigate back to SE to Lync the post to build a social profile and activity chain.

    The use case is where certain posts are certain to be leads or critical cases and a delay in processing by an SE user handing off to a CRM team is not desirable.

    This feature need has come up for three clients at our partnership.


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    Link to CRM creates wrong record and does not include link

    Suggested by ROBBERT JACOBSCompleted 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    When linking a record from a social pane and selecting Lead, in CRM a contact is created and the entered note is not visible. See attachements.

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    Implement a function to import facebook followers as CRM contacts

    Suggested by MAURO MANIFORTIRejected 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    Descrizione (massimo 5000 caratteri)When you start working with MSL and CRM would be very handy to have a feature that keeps synchronized the followers of the FB pages with CRM contacts with whom to direct marketing activities.

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    Provide "Convert to Case" and "Convert to Lead" options in the Post's context menu

    Suggested by Tanios KahiCompleted 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    To have better integration with CRM, it would be useful to provide "Convert to Case" and "Convert to Lead" options in the Post's context menu.

    It would also be nice to be able to interact with the Social Listening programmatically, in the following ways:
    -Access posts and stats through SDK
    -Add menu options in the Social Listening dashboards and posts to extend the functionality

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    Show richer data from Dynamics 365 within MSE e.g. other channel activities

    Suggested by Pranav SampatNew 0
    Category: Dynamics 365 Integration

    If someone posts on social media - depending on the industry and use case - it is very likely that they may have called or emailed (or engaged in a self serve portal or used a BOT) about the same matter. All the other activities can be consolidated in Dynamics 365 and seen in the timeline activity view. If an agent in MSE is responding to a customer they need to see other recent activities. It would be ideal to hover over a customer's name on a post and have their dynamics profile information and recent activities show. It would be awesome if this view and its contents could be configured from within Dynamics. The concept is similar to Dynamics information seen in Outlook - applying the same to MSE to empower social care agents.