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    Autocomplete of "Followers" and "Following" usernames

    Suggested by Mark SmithUnder Review 1
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    As part of engagement using MSE there is a need that when you want to respond to someone following you or someone you are following that as you start typing there username it should autocomplete, as twitter for example know who follows you and who you are following.

    Here is an example:

    I want to send a message to Chris Cognetta and start to type his username/handle in twitter @ccog... it should auto complete as @ccognetta

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    Hashtags ### - Autocompetion and reusable strings

    Suggested by Mark SmithUnder Review 0
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    As MSE moves into an engagement tool, there is a need for it to allow posters to auto insert hashtags that are used frequently by the brand. There should be a couple of options around this.
    1. Hashtags that are always applied
    2. Hashtags that you can select from, that are used frequently
    3. Hashtags strings that you can used as need on posts

    Here is an example if I am at an event I pay want to used the event hashtag as well as the Dynamics CRM hashtag.

    #MSdynCRM, #Mobility, #WPC2016

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    360 View of Customer and MSE posts

    Suggested by RIFAT YAVUZCompleted 1
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    On the CRM Contact/Account form, we should be able to show related social profiles
    and social activities of that contact/Account which are created from MSE

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    Allow users to customize their home screen

    Suggested by Julie YackRejected 0
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    Allow users to decide which of the analytics pages they want to show for their default screen, or let users build custom analytics pages with the available widgets already there

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    WeChat Listening

    Suggested by ERIC BLANCHEPlanned 1
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    I would like to suggest to listen social publications toward Chinese and Japanese social tools (such as WeChat for China).
    We have several customer in the luxury sector who have been very busy looking for solutions since a few months. All of them have started CRM project with Microsoft and ourselves. We also have a more lead … and we even have a customer in the Education sector who is willing the same thing.

    If you could add these functionalities, I really think you could differentiate from Salesforce and win several others projects in the luxury sector (maybe all of them …), in France. At least, if we could tell them that is included in the 2015 roadmap, it would help a lot !

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    Kanban View

    Suggested by AB BNew 1
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    Would like to suggest that Kanban view be added for opportunities in Dynamics 365 for Sales/CRM

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    Export conversations

    Suggested by Omkar KiniRejected 0
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    We have option to export data from Sentiments, Sources, Threads, etc
    However we do not get an option to export conversations / posts

    This is a basic feature that is missing in the tool

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    Social Media Planner

    Suggested by Sebastian ZackPlanned 0
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    I am currently working with Hootsuite to plan my messages and workflows with other  team members. Analytics are done via Social Engagement.
    This means, I need to work in two separate tools and waste a lot of time and relevant information.

    One of our clients is also in the same situation, the team is working in two systems simultaneously.
    It would be a great solution and update, to include a Social Message Planning function e.g. like in Hootsuite. The current one is not as deep and offering many functionalities which are needed for companies.

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    Programming Post

    Suggested by Marcos FernandezUnder Review 0
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    From Social Engagement must be possible programming a Post to create the post in the best time

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    Set customized alerts for Social Engagement

    Suggested by Thea RikalaRejected 0
    Category: Navigation and Usability

    When adding alerts in Social Engagement, it would be great if you could choose to get a daily/weekly/monthly summary of all set alerts. This would be like a similar option that you can choose in Google Alerts.