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    MSL: New Feature: Quota management by user

    Suggested by CRAIG BEKKERRejected 0
    Category: Performance

    Hi, for customers who purchase large quota how do they determine who has consumed the quota. This is not possible at this point, would this be something possible in future?

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    Make post acquisition real-time specially for messages

    Suggested by Stephen Franel VillavertNew 0
    Category: Performance

    Key value proposition of MSE was that it will serve as a single hub to manage social activities and engage customers without the need to open different social platforms. However, the current lag time to acquire posts makes engagement impossible because it is counter productive to wait for a couple of minutes for every private messages and replies. It is difficult to have a chat with customers because of this behavior. The message acquisition time should be real-time in order to fulfill MSE's true purpose.
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    Performance improvement in emailing system.

    Suggested by Asif JaahNew 0
    Category: Performance

    Lots of time we feel abashment after emailing  to someone or maybe to a group due to some mistakes & after that we mail another email in apology & for ignorance the previous email.

    i know it doesn't happen on regular basis but some time & for some special type of moments when u email the higher officials it can create big problems.

    often after that type of events we realize it in some time & we want to make it correct but we don't have time for correction.

    if Microsoft add a feature in email for users:

    -> User should be allowed to set the emails setting that every email will be sent after a certain time set by the user.

    -> In this case user has time to correct a mistakes happened in the document.

    -> User can set this feature on all emails or some selective email Id's or groups,

    -> If user want to send the email urgently & this email Id is set with the time feature so there should be another option with right click to send the email now.

    -> If user email same document daily or maybe weekly or on monthly basis so he can set the time on all daily or monthly emails & he can feel very relax that emails will be sent on time.

    -> Mostly people don't want to work on holidays or on annual leaves, but some emails to be sent in this period, so in this case user can set the important emails on last working day.

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    Improve time saving tool

    Suggested by Ritz RodriguezCompleted 0
    Category: Performance

    The task of configurations and optimize searched saved if times improve tool to be faster . Being a social listening tool performance times are key.

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    the gaming os

    Suggested by lawrence orenseNew 0
    Category: Performance

    it's my first time in here idk wth did i click idk what's the meaning of "performance"
    but i really learn a lot from Mr.Bill Gates (the OS he made windows) in fact idk if he has an asperger (I'm really sorry sir i'm just teenager who admire you a lot in fact i am 17 years old kid snd has an asperger too)
    but there is something about that what if you make a xbox an open OS like what you did in windows i hope producers of pc's like asus,lenovo etc will benefit from those in the other hand i have a doubt that you have business agreement with other companies that would prevent this idea to work maybe this idea is been taken but i hope you consider these a great idea

    - truly yours