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      Bahasa Indonesia Language Sentiment Analysis

      Suggested by Steve McRaePlanned 40

      Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world and also has extremely high mobile/internet activity amongst many demographic segments. More and more customers would like to see local language support in MSE using the main official language and the ability to do sentiment analysis.

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      Autocomplete of "Followers" and "Following" usernames

      Suggested by Mark SmithUnder Review 1

      As part of engagement using MSE there is a need that when you want to respond to someone following you or someone you are following that as you start typing there username it should autocomplete, as twitter for example know who follows you and who you are following.

      Here is an example:

      I want to send a message to Chris Cognetta and start to type his username/handle in twitter @ccog... it should auto complete as @ccognetta

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      Hashtags ### - Autocompetion and reusable strings

      Suggested by Mark SmithUnder Review 0

      As MSE moves into an engagement tool, there is a need for it to allow posters to auto insert hashtags that are used frequently by the brand. There should be a couple of options around this.
      1. Hashtags that are always applied
      2. Hashtags that you can select from, that are used frequently
      3. Hashtags strings that you can used as need on posts

      Here is an example if I am at an event I pay want to used the event hashtag as well as the Dynamics CRM hashtag.

      #MSdynCRM, #Mobility, #WPC2016

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      Still missing addional languages (Czech, Slovak, and other Slavic ones)

      Suggested by Ondřej HanušPlanned 4

      Still missing additional slavic languages like Czech, Slovak, and others. Please, add at least searching capability; there is not GUI translation necessary.

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      LinkedIn as a Listening source

      Suggested by Jivtesh SinghCompleted 10

      Ability to listen to Linkedin posts (personal & company pages) in MSE. Linkedin is the No 1 enterprise social platform with over half a billion members. 

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      Advertising Post Management

      Suggested by Leonardo NevesUnder Review 8

      Most of customers have adversing posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and it's not possible interact with these ones using MSE, with the same functionality that we have when it's a "not advertinsg" post. It would be great to have the same functionality for ad's posts.

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      Block author

      Suggested by Pierre-Olivier PujolUnder Review 3

      Some authors are definitely identified as not usefull to hear and bring irrelevant conversation. It should be possible to block them as we can do for domains and keywords.

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      Add filter to search results of posts

      Suggested by Aastha TiwariUnder Review 2

      In Microsoft Social Engagement there should be a feature added so that customer's can filter the post as per the location or to a specific country. In other words, data acquisition should not be restricted to location.
      It can filtered later through analysis however customer would have to pay for the extra posts.

      For e.g. If a customer set up a keyword search for Apprenticeships, but it's reaching our limit too quickly as it's searching globally. We should have an option to limit this search to UK based twitter posts only.
      We have very limited options in Rules
      1. Filter - FB, Twitter, videos
      2. Keyword
      3. Inclusion
      4. Exclusion

      Now if customer enters the search topic, customer gets 50000 post
      We do not have option to select on UK based twitter post

      Customers have to pay unnecessarily for the post which they do not require.

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      MSL: New Feature: Quota management by user

      Suggested by CRAIG BEKKERRejected 0

      Hi, for customers who purchase large quota how do they determine who has consumed the quota. This is not possible at this point, would this be something possible in future?

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      WhatsApp Integration with MSE Private Message Rule

      Suggested by Moez TounsiNew 0

      Hi Team,

      It will be fantastic if we can have a WhatsApp private message rule in MSE. This will allow awesome concierge scenarios.