My suggestion is to prompt a user logging out of a company that is in Offline mode to remind them the company is still in Offline mode. This prompt should only be for the users who have the ability to put a company into or out of Offline mode, i.e. powerusers, sysadmins in SQL and/or user with "offline access" enabled. The use case is there is no visual identifier that the company is in Offline mode unless you are at the Company selection screen. It is easy to forget you took the company offline and forget to put it back online when you are done your work. (Ask me how I know... LOL... :) ). I think a simple prompt, such as "This company is in Offline mode. Do you still want to log out?" with an OK/Cancel option would be a nice addition.

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Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider this functionality for a future release.  

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