When you create general ledger journals that do not balance on credit and debet by, for example 0.01, you get an error message stating that "the voucher do not balance".

If the journal contains multiple currencies, your accounting currency may still balance due to roundings, and the balance field at the bottom of the screen in the general journal will state that the journal balances in the accounting currency. This is correct, but the error message is very confusing.

Say you have a large general journal with 500+ lines and multiple currencies. The accounting currency amount can balance, even though there is a difference between debet and credit of a minor amount. Therefore, your only option is extract the general journal to Excel, sum the debet and credit columns, to see how much the difference is.

The difference should be stated in the error message in any case, but in some cases the difference is not clear or present in the error message. Message should for example be something like "voucher do not balance by 0.01 in the transaction currency".

A much more clear error message is needed to be able to work effeiciently when posting large journals.
Category: General Ledger