Currently you have the ability to segregate user access to a specific legal entity, so when the user logs in as a HR manager, they only have access to the employee records within their own legal entity, or those they have been assigned access too.

Many customers only use 1 legal entity and use the department field on the position details to segregate sites. This happens a lot in retail, hospitality and care homes. each site will be classed as a department rather than a legal entity.

Currently there is no way for a home manager to have full access to the employees HR record within personnel management without giving them access to ALL employees within the same legal entity.

I recommend the ability to not only assign which legal entities an employee has access to but also which departments they have access to. An example of this may be as below:

  • 1 Legal entity with 20 retail sits as departments.
  • As an area manager i look after 10 of the 20 sites.
  • Currently if i was to have access to the people or personnel management workspace, i will see employees from all 20 sites.
  • If there was a segregation condition in my user profile which only allowed me to see certain departments, i would only have the ability to see any employee, assigned to a position, with the department i have access to.

I know many will come back and say you can use Employee self-service but you are unable to view the full employee record such as Next of kin and address details through this path.

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