Two new FactBoxes "Document lines" for Purchase Order / Quote and Sales Order / Quote. I can show Item, Quantity. It should be available from the overview of Sales Orders / Quotes and Purchase Orders / Quotes, as well as the invoiced documents (invoice, delivery). Customer can see what was in the order without a click. It is very easy to use, especially for quick overview of what is actually ordered and looks good. These are just 2 simple pages and their adding to the list pages.
Category: Sales
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestion. Although this functionality is not provided as part of the core product here is a good alternative or workaround. Create a Power BI report for each list that contains the line information, or other information, you want to display.  Add the document number as a report filter so only the information for the currently highlighted record is displayed.  Once the report is saved and publised it will become avaiable to add to the Power BI factbox control on the list.