You should be able to void an EFT vendor payment the same way you can void a cheque. Sometimes when we submit the file to the bank, it says all payments are ok, but when the vendor's bank picks up the payment, the account number may be incorrect and the payment gets returned to our bank. Not being able to void the EFT causes a lot of manual correcting, including a journal to remove it from the bank, a new invoice and payment to the vendor which skews our actual transactions with the vendor when tracking how much business we have done with a vendor.

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I agree with this case.

In a payment journal under Related / Payments /Electronic payments, we see Export, Void and Transit (in grey).

We can Export (only in the local currency, other problem with EFT!!!) and if we have to void a transaction in the file, when we hit Void, a message is saying: "There are no entries to void".

How can we void? No sense to have this and not be able to void a eft payment before posting and do this after the posting in vendor ledger entries.

Please help user and partner with correcting. No sense to be able to void a cheque but not a EFT payment when most of customers are using EFT payment more than cheques.

Also why having a page: Credit Transfer REgisters that said for all generate EFT File a Status at Cancelled when it is not cancelled? If we want to see the history of all generate EFT file done and reprint it or reexport payment to file for any reasons it is not possible?

Thank you

Category: Cash and bank management