At present if a client wants to view which invoices were paid on a payment it you only have 2 options in Vendor Ledger Entries. Apply or Un-apply entries. If the payment is full applied the first option is not available, and the second option runs the risk of accidentally removing payment apply records.

It appears that NAV had this but Business Central doesn't. Looking up invoices paid to a supplier should be standard functionality for an Accounting system.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following.

Vendor ledger entries page has an action under More options -> Navigate -> Entry -> Applied entries that shows all the entries that were applied to specific vendor ledger entry, whether it's payement, invoice or anything else



Ivan Koletic

PM, Microsoft 



Apologies. I have just found the option. It was eluding me.

Category: Purchasing