Currently it is impossible to assign a 'sign me up for a newsletter' checkbox on a company website form to form hosting in Dynamics 365. This is very inconvenient, because we now have to make forms in Dynamics 365 and embed them on our website. The forms in Dynamics 365 are much harder to style and severely limited in comparison to forms in wordpress for example

Our marketing team was able to just add 'form blocks' to whichever page they wanted. These forms were automatically styled by wordpress/our design team. However, now I have to keep making forms (that for example don't support direct downloads without custom javascript) and embed them on our wordpress site and mess around with the styling.

This is very inconvenient as marketing/design employees now also have to understand Dynamics 365 for something they were able to do themselves years ago (mailchimp for example).

Is this something on the roadmap? For our organisation it is a dealbreaker and it was requested a long time ago already apparently.


my example:
Needs Votes



This solution would be great! Our clients are working with form captures all the time!

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