Please adjust the pricing model. Microsoft asks extra fee for more than 10.000 contacts. That means that the price goes pretty fast to the level of high-end Marketing Automation competitors. That's not fair. Unfortunately we had to decide that Dynamics for Marketing is to expensive ($6000,- per month) instead of Click Dimensions ($650)

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Please remember, that ClickD is priced on email sends per year, where as MS Marketing is priced on Contacts where each contact can have 10x emails per month.

ClickD cheapest package is $650 per month for 200,000 email per year or 16,000 per month. Also using ClickD over time takes up quite a lot of storage space in your Database table which you will eventually start to pay for per GB per month. This must be taken into account.

MS Marketing is $750 with first 10,000 Contacts included (10,000 x 10) = 100,000 per month x 12 = 1,200,000 emails per year.

Also, you don't pay for Contacts in your database which are not Marketing related so it's not all the Contacts in your system but just a subset. While I agree that on the surface MS Marketing seems expensive it is comparable in the market for what you get. There are a lot of Azure services used by Marketing so the costs of this must be covered.

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Each time I'm doing pre-sales CD is chosen against Dyn. for Marketing because of pricing.
Visual / UX of Dyn Marketing is on point, kudos to MS for that, but pricing makes it out of reach.
It's a model I cannot understand.

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