Inquiry >> Inventory >> Item Transaction Inquiry

I suggest that we move the Item Number selection under the search criteria so people know to enter the search criteria first and keep GP from freezing.

The problem we see is customers enter the Item Number and tab, but then their screen freezes because GP is trying to pull every transaction for that item that exists.
Usually when customers are using this inquiry they are looking for something specific. For example at the end of the month their inventory is off, so they need to see all the transactions for the month to find the discrepancy. Or they have specific document they are looking at.
If we have a lot of transactions, we can't use this inquiry if we don't know to enter search criteria first.

I have been advising my customers to enter a date range or document number before entering an item to keep their GP from freezing, but most enter the information in the order it appears on the screen.

Needs Votes