Currently, RSAT allow to set “Admin user name” is set to D365FO account that has “Admin” as User id.
Since there may be a business scenario that test run for D365 FO includes RSAT is managed by external vendor team (e.g. outsource vendor team), instead of SI partner or customer’s IT team.
We would like to run RSAT with D365FO account that has System administrator role other than User id = “Admin” in future.

According to the following document, Performance SDK test works with D365FO account has System administrator role, even the account doesn’t has “Admin” User id.

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Check here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/fin-ops-core/fin-ops/get-started/hol-use-regression-suite-automation-tool

About 3/4 of the way down:

To run the test in another company, you can change the company on the General tab of the Excel parameter file. Make sure that settings and data are available in the newly selected company.
You can change the test user on the General tab of the Excel parameter file. Specify the email ID of the user who will run the test case. In this way, the test case can be run by using the security permissions of the specified user.
To wait before the test is started, you can define a pause on the General tab of the Excel parameter file. This pause can be used in a batch job (for example, if a workflow must be run before the next step can be performed.)

Category: Common