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At this moment, if we want to import bulk users in Dynamics 365 HR then we are using Batch import which imports all users from Azure AD but if we want to import users based on department or any category then we don't have any options or selection criteria. If we include selection criteria, then it will help customers to import all users.

Use case: Company A has 50K users and they want to provide an access to only 10K users. In that case, if we use Batch import functionality then it will import all users from Azure AD.

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Thank you for your suggestion. This appears to be a suggestion for the platform.  



Strongly agreed, Microsoft should look into it and add this feature. There are lots of users in Entra have no need to use D365, and dummy/test users.If batch import can only limit to a specified group of users, that will automate the process, help the business operation efficiency.

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