When applying transactions on Customer Ledger Entries an error is displayed in specific circumstances.

Reproduction steps
1. User cannot have SUPER Permission Set (tested with user having D365BUSFULL User Group assigned)
2. On Customer Ledger Entries select a transaction that has a remaining amount
3. In Process Action select Apply Entries
4. Sort the list of transactions by Remaining amount
5. Select a transaction and the on the Process action select "Set Applies-to ID"
6. The following error is displayed

"Sorting cannot be done based on the following FlowFields in the Cust.Ledger Entry table: Remaining Amount. This is because the record's security filtering mode is set to 'Validated' (as specified by the SecurityFiltering property) and there are active security filters in the system. To Sort based on the FlowFields, you must set the security filtering mode to 'Filtered'."

This despite the fact that there are no security filters on any of the Permissions Sets assigned to the user.
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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a product bug. Please reach out to the relevant support channels as specified in Product Support:

Tomás Navarro
PM, Microsoft