Description of problem:
When an accrual entry is created where more than one fiscal year is involved, and the future fiscal year is not open then system does not allow to post those entries and gives error. Opening future period in advance is a risk from customer's perspective

Error message:
Period...not open

Repro steps:
1. Create an Accrual Scheme
2. Create a General Journal
3. Apply the accrual scheme in that general journal
4. Post the entries
5. If more than one fiscal year is involved then entries are not posted and gives error "Period...not open"

Expected Result: There should be no requirement to have the future fiscal period open. There should be a functionality where the future period entries can be stored at backend or somewhere and when the period gets created in the system, system should either post those entries automatically or prompt the user to post the same
Category: General Ledger
Needs Votes



This is the reason why some of the customers don't want to use the Accrual functionality and choose for the Periodic journals

Category: General Ledger