In the Netherlands a so called Taxonomy is the basis for Electronic Tax reporting. This Taxonomy is a “Dictionary” for Standard Business Reporting (SBR) for various types of (Tax) reporting to the Dutch government.

This dictionary changes every year and every year in January an update is required to comply according to the new dictionary for SBR. This update comes from Microsoft every year. Without this update customers are not able to do their electronic tax reporting.


A couple of years ago Microsoft has moved this update into Codeunit 11409 combining the required changes into a central set of variables. Still every year these variables need and update according to the updated Taxonomy details.


My suggestion is to take this update a required step further and make the yearly Dutch Taxonomy change configurable through setup. In this way partners/customers can manage this update of the Taxonomy themselves and are not dependant anymore on the release CU timing.


This would be a great relieve and a great efficiency improvement. Although a yearly update may apply to other localized versions aswell, my suggestion is for the NL version.

Let's hear your votes!

2022 Release Wave 2
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We are adding it to our roadmap.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Aleksandar Totovic
PM, Microsoft



I'm a Belgian consultant and I needed to implement this the first time this year for one of our dutch customers. I could not believe that this was something that was hard-coded. First rule in development : never hard-code!

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