Setting up Universal Print integration with Business Central. Following the official documentation for the integration of Universal print seems to suggest that as a part of the prerequisites and instructions, the admin in charge of the integration should be able to share the printers across users and user groups and assign the correct permissions.

However, Partner and his customers have come across this behavior where after completing all of the steps and prerequisites, some of the users are unable to use the universal printer. Printing from Universal print outside of Business Central works fine, however when printing from Business Central throws an error message.

For each of the affected users the admin has to go through Printer Management Page from the user's account. From there they need to click through Universal Print, then import all printer's option. Have to go through “AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY SERVICE PERMISSIONS” page and make sure that the permissions needed are assigned for each of the affected user.


Seems like an official documentation change will be needed.

Set up Universal Print | Microsoft Learn

Sharing Printers using the Universal Print portal | Microsoft Learn

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Thank you for this suggestion! We are updating documentation for this in case of on-premises installations
 Best regards, Business Central Team



Thanks for posting this Hristo. To expand on the above, the error message says "You don't have access to the printer [printername]". It would be good if this pointed you at needing to click "Add all Universal Print printers" for that user. Ideally it would just run the same code at that point and get the token needed from AAD.

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