So many of our customers repair products based on hours of usage. replace belts at 300 hours, inspect something at 200 hours. We should have the ability to build maint schedules under products or assets which then automatically generate work orders or work order tasks when these Timers are met.

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Thank you for your feedback. We think this idea has merit.

We need some more details to understand this suggestion better:

  • Is this a simple timer (i.e. things run continuously) or does the equipment start/stop? We suspect the latter.
    • If the equipment starts/stops and if the asset is connected, we could potentially use IoT signals or Flow to pass run-time details back to the system.
    • Otherwise, how have you heard or given thought to how this run information would be captured?

Obviously, we would want such a feature to be useful and not another manual task. We're eager to see what kind of votes this gets.



PM, Jason Cohen