For the new Retail Store Creation, currently the Store Number, Operating Unit number sequences can be set as "Manual" and manually entered the desired format on the Retail Stores Form. But Retail Channel Id field is completely non-editable even after setting the number sequence as Manual. This creates a mismatch in the Store sequences where customers would like to keep the same identification for both Store Number & Retail Channel Id.

To follow the standard D365 number sequence pattern for the id fields in Retail Store > Retail Channel Id during Retail Store creation.
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Thank you for the product suggestion! We will continue to monitor this idea and the votes to determine if it will be given a position in our backlog.  -Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager



Hi Praveen,
Just want to let you can accomplish this by creating the retail channel first. Then you can manually enter the desired ID, and also decide the store ID, which is created at the same time.

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