OANDA Exchange rate service is getting used for import of exchange rates into D365. Being an inbuilt integration, it is widely used by the customers for import exchange rates into D365.

Daily and Average rates can be imported with the help of this service into D365.

For importing Average rates into D365 , following parameters are used

Import Rate Type - Average

Import for Date Range From Date

Import for Date Range To Date

Single Rate for date Range - Y

It has been observed that the rate imported by using above parameters are updated on 1st day of the month


These rates should ideally get updated on the last date of the month, because average rates are generally used for consolidation purposes and end of month rates are required for the same.

E.g If the average rates are imported for date range - 01.08.19 to 31.8.19 ( single rate for date range) then average rate for Aug should get updated as on 31.8.19 .


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