When we implemented Dynamics GP, the accounting team selected the Payables Historical Aged Trial Balance (HATB) report as one to run at month end. They really like being able to run the report as of the last day of the prior month after all the payments have been recorded. 10 years of data later and the report is taking forever to run. When I tested recently, it took 9 minutes. If I run the "Steve Gray" version of PM HATB, it completes in 6 seconds. I looked into the stored procedures behind the report, pmHistoricalAgedTrialBalance and pmPrintHATBGetDocuments, and they use multiple nested loops and dynamic SQL, techniques known to be harmful to SQL performance. Please refactor how the report is calculated to use SQL coding best practices so that large data sets no longer decimate the performance..

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Thank you for the suggestion, we will look into this for a future release.

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft 



Agreed - this would be a huge enhancement.

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