Suggested Tue, 27 Mar 2012 13:00:00 GMT by ERIC labashoskyUnder Review
Category: Data Management

Our duplicate detection rules keep unpublishing themselves. I'm assuming it happens when a solution is deployed -> http://www.madronasg.com/blog/duplicate-detection-rules-automatically-unpublished

So my suggestion is that system automatically re-publish the duplicate detection rules when a solution is published. Or give the admin the option to automatically republish the rules.

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  • Is this still under review?
  • Eric, my suggestion of when to do the republish is different but our suggestions are essentially (and eerily) similar. Kindly vote up my suggestion too.

  • I can't tell you how many times our Dup. detection rules have been disabled because of this. Something needs to be done (either auto-re-enable them, or warn during the solution import/entity change process).
  • I've jsut been caught out by this. Wasnt expecting it at all and has caused some issues that will need to be manually sorted out.

    Even a warning would do.
  • I think it makes sense for MSCRM to reverse this and always re-publish. Then an Admin can decide if they want them un-published after a Solution is installed - too many control flags make it more confusing for a novice Admin.