If you setup a 'Directed Put-away & Pick' (WHITE) Location you have to do all Journals as a two stage process:

Warehouse Item Journal --> Register
Item Journal --> Calculate Warehouse Adjustments --> Post

This functionary has been a pain since it fist appeared in version 3.6 back in 2003.
The problems are:
a) It is a two stage process and users forget to do the second step - I have masses of experience of this with multiple customers.
b) If you forget the second step Inventory (Item Ledger Entries) and Bin Contents (Warehouse Entries) effectively go out of sync (with the extra stock or negative stock hidden in the Adjustment Bin). Having Inventory and Bin Content out of sync causes masses of issues both operationally and with user trust of the system integrity.

The argument that the current functionality allows the warehouse to adjust stock without hitting the Balance Sheet immediately is massively outweighed by the above issues. As I often say to customer "Stock Integrity is King"... Any imbalance in stock just causes more problems than it solves.

In every Implementation I have been involved with since NAV 2013, that was using Directed Put-away and Pick, we have modified the Item, Reclassification, and Physical Inventory Journals to include the Zone field and updated the Posting, Get Bin Contents, Calculate Inventory, and Calculate Counting Periods functions to support it.

This is a long overdue change. Either Warehouse Journals should be eliminated entirely (as they are for Inventory Pick & Put-way Locations or they should be option setup on the Location Card if someone can come up with a good reason to keep them.

Andrew Trayfoot

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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering resolving this product suggestion through open source contributions from our community.
You can contribute by assigning yourself on following GitHub issue: https://github.com/microsoft/BusinessCentralApps/issues/93.

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While I agree that it should be improved so the customer can't forget this, I would prefer to keep the option to do it also the way it is today. I did have 2 customers in the last 10 years of implementing NAV/BC who needed this.So a setting on location or inventory/warehouse setup to automatically post the item journal "calculate warehouse adjustment" function when posting the warehouse journal is my preferred solution.

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I have just spotted my type in the title - Should read "Zone Enabled Item Journal! :-)

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