Our development team built a custom tool years ago before we had Editable Grids as an option; now we are working towards switching our field to Editable Grids. We have a small pilot group using Editable Grids, and feedback our team received immediately, also feedback that we built into our custom tool, is asking for subtotals to show up for different groupings of Opportunity records. Our financial advisors insurance and investment products and most commonly need to track premium sales and new assets under management. They want to be able to see in the Editable Grid the sub-totals for these different stages so that they understand where their money is at in the pipeline. It would be especially awesome if we could use the "Group By" feature for a field like "Sales Cycle Stage" (Our six process stages) and have a subtotal appear within those groupings.

We will continue to hear this request from our users and anticipate that some of our end users will elect not to use Editable Grids until this feature is offered.
Category: Lead Management
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This is currently being implemented and planned for GA. We will update here soon about the timelines.