We have many customer using a FIFO inventory valuation. This works well for purchasing and sales. However, at times accountants and inventory managers need to make an inventory adjustment. When making adjustments, it is often because we need to make corrections. Lots of times inventory adjustments need to apply to a specific cost layer to make the correction (EXAMPLE: enter inventory adjustment to increase inventory but did it incorrectly, we need to correct this by decreasing inventry and applying to that same cost layer), this creates a lot of work for the accountant and makes it tough because you can't split cost layers and adjust them. This is even more of a pain when the inventory manager makes an adjustment and doesn't tell the accountant. They would like the option of ability to select the cost layer we want to pull inventory out of or use current functionality.

When you enter a negative quantity in the Inventory Transaction Entry window, you would have two options pop up:

  1. Use next available cost layer (FIFO inventory valuation)
  2. Current Functionality
  3. Select the Cost Layer(s) to apply adjustments
  4. This would pull up a list of inventory layers that are not fully Sold. You would only be able to select what isn't sold from the cost layer selection.

This functionality would be similar to the Purchase Order Returns Transaction Functionality, however we do not want it tied to Purchase Transactions, we want to do this in the Inventory Adjustments Window.

This option would need security so we can turn option 2 on/off for users.

Another Option that may solve this issue is Ability to Void Transactions created from Inventory>>Transactions Entry

Needs Votes