So I've written extensive feedback on some of the UI/UX choices/changes for wave 2 2022 release of customer service. If you want to read the full feedback see link below:


To summarise:

  • Timeline action order changes that doesn't actually reflect in the timeline needs to be fixed
  • Expanding or collapsing emails in timelines now needs to click View more or View less instead of just clicking the general email container. This requires a lot of scrolling when you're trying to collapse a long email.
  • Inserting email templates. You now do not have the recently used option in the selection which really affects orgs with large amounts of templates.
  • Templates seems to remember what view (tile, grid, list etc) but not the filters. Which again affects orgs with large amounts of templates

Some of the UX choices legitimately dumbfounds me and makes me question whether there's a actually UX team that reviews this changes before implementing it.




When I look in some of the default APPS as Customer Service Hub the Expand functionallity works and the mail is not positioned to the right. But in Customer Work space the text is being right centered and you need to scroll to read all the text.

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