It would be really helpful to be able to choose field`s order that are part of the Unified Customer Profile.

This order is significant both for those who see the Customer Profile from the Web App and for those who receive a response from the Teams Bot

Why don`t taking advantage of the order that we assigns to the Customer Profile In the last "M" of the Unification process (with the "move up"and "move down" buttons)? . So that it respects this given order not only for the table (entity) but also for the Unified Profile, displayed in the app.




Thank your for this suggestion.

We have no plans to allow customization of the Customer's view in the Customer Insights' web app. I would like to explain why:
The Customers view in our app serves as a basic example of how data for single customer can be visualized. This page is not aiming to be a main consumption place of CI data for our users. We expect data created by Customer Insights to be used within your existing business application (like for example Dynamics 365 Customer Service). For this we rely on Dataverse with its connectors and API as the sustainable consumption service for our customers. This gives you flexibility in choosing how to solve your business users different consumption needs including role based access management and a fast way to building custom apps with Power Apps.

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