At the moment, the field “payment reference” is available in the form Ledger settlement only if the “Advanced ledger settlement” function is off. Once you activate the “Advanced ledger settlement” functionality, the field “Payment reference” is not available anymore.
The functionality is basically the same, so it should be important to have the “payment reference” both in basic and advanced ledger settlement functionality, considering that:
1) the advanced ledger settlement should improve the basic ledger settlement function and not to get worse.
2) in a real environment, you have largely used the “Payment reference” fields; this field is available on Ledger Journals, and you have used a lot in all your previously posted transactions.
3) “Payment reference” is used a lot by all the customers for reconciliation purpose.
4) Both the functionalities, basic and advanced, rely on the same table General journal account entry, where there is the field “payment reference”.
5) Both the functionalities are launched from the same menu item (GL > Periodic tasks > Ledger settlements)
It could be a good idea, add the “Payment reference” field on the “Ledger advanced settlement” table and form.
Category: General Ledger
Ideas Administrator

The Payment reference has been added to the Ledger settlement page on release 10.0.32.  



Thank you for you feedback, we hope to have it in a near future because this is an important function for our customers.

Category: General Ledger