The new VAT Date field introduced in 2022 wave 2 is really useful in many scenarios. However the UK MTD VAT extension does not seem to have been fully updated to support it.

In the standard calc and post vat settlement functionality you can choose which date to use to drive your vat returns.

On the MTD VAT return there is no option to change the date type used and the posting date is used automatically.

Can this extension be updated to allow using the new VAT date, either through a dropdown on the VAT report Request Page or a setting on the VAT Report setup Page?

Thank you.

2023 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have decided to deliver this idea and make it available with Business Central in next minor.

Your help was greatly appreciated,  
Aleksandar Totovic
PM, Microsoft



Dear Aleksandar,

I wondered it you had any update on this. When you say the 'next minor' I guess you mean the monthly point releases. 21.3 is out now and I cannot see any change in release notes or application.

Thank you.

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