The Planned orders and also the lists on Master planning workspace should also have at least the possibility to add InventTable.SearchName. The best would be Product name translation of the current session language.

It doesn't have to be in the actual form, but the view used for the form should be able to reach this. So the user can do a personalization to find it...

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Thank you for your feedback.

Updating this suggestion as Product name was made available on the Planned orders form some time ago. And it will also be available on a new lightweight planned order form in preview from 10.0.25.


Christian Rytt





We need more filterable information displayed on the Planned orders page:

Item/Product name: https://ideas.dynamics.com/ideas/dynamics-operations/ID0003969
Vendor name
Production pool: https://ideas.dynamics.com/ideas/dynamics-operations/ID0003073
BOM name

We would like to see Item and Vendor names added to a number of forms, including Vendor Name on Item master, Item name in quality groups, Invoiced customer/vendor names on SO/PO, Vendor name in subcontract Production BOM line, etc.

Category: Planning