It would be very nice to have an online version of the AOT available even if it was read only.

The table browser is currently available but that is just one feature within one node of the AOT.

As a consultant working on implementation projects there are times having access to the full AOT would be extremely useful.

It would save time asking develops continuous questions about data structures and relationships between tables. This is particularly important when specifying report layouts.

Having access to the data you need to advise and guide customers is what consultants need. What happens today is one of two things. 1 a developer is taken away from developing customer customisations to answer questions consultants could do before. Or 2 the consultant guesses and gets it wrong. Both scenarios make the consultant feel like they dont have the tools to do their job and leaves a customer unsatisfied and lose confidence.

This is also reducing the amount of techy functional consultants being introduced into the technical side of d365 and potentially restricting their career.

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