When you create a WO directly, or update the primary indent type on the WO it takes the duration correctly from the duration of the incident type whether there are tasks or not on the incident type. When you create the WO by converting a Case to a WO it takes it from the tasks attached to the Incident type. If there are no tasks with a duration, the WO Primary incident Estimated duration is then zero even if teh incident type itself has a duration. This needs to be consistent and a WO created from a case should also have the duration set to the incident type duration even if there are no tasks on the incident. This would be the correct behaviour as organisations often do not need tasks on incident types.

Category: Work order
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for sharing this. I view this as a product bug. I'm marking this idea as declined since it is a bug but I expect this will be updated in the near to mid-term future.

I've validated that is works as you suggest and I would also expect this field to be populated. I've raised a bug for this. We will take up this work as soon as feasible.

For now, while I do think this is not ideal behavior, it appears that the requirements are created with the correct duration which allows for accurate scheduling so I hope this is a relatively low impact issue until we're able to ship a fix.

When you experience impactful bugs in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to Microsoft Support.


Jason Cohen

PM, Microsoft