As per the behaviour of the system, Work Calendar will show the Logged in User Time Zone and Weekly schedule will show the Time Zone of the Resource. So, in the Work hours when we are setting it will show like the Resource Time Zone. For Example One RA can configure Work Calendars for Resources for Different time Zones. For better understanding for RA as per his Time Zone (As per OOb) it is showing as Logged User in Time Zone. If we want to see exactly as per the Resource Time Zone then we have to change our time zone from Personalised settings to Resource Time Zone then it will show exactly in the Work Calendar. However this cannot be that RA can create an assignment and completely ignoring demand start and end date! system must prevent such behavior and this is mentioned in multiple US but was also mentioned multiple times in several WS's!` Neither it can not be like that the RA needs to keep changing his personal calendar settings according to resource time zone.

Category: Routing/ SLA
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