The new Shopify Connector Extension has been designed/developed to not allow extensibility via another app (PTE)

In more technical terms, all the tables, codeunit and events have been set with property :

 Access = Internal;

This is a huge limitation to anyone that would like to subscribe to existing events.

This is a huge limitation to anyone that would like to read data from Shopify Staging Tables and Configuration Tables.

This is a huge limitation to anyone that had previously done customization using event subscribers with the Scapta App and who now wants to move to the new Shopify Connector supported by Microsoft within the base app.

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Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in Shopify connector becomes extensible.

If something is still missing:

You can submit PR that enables extensibility via Github: ALAppExtensions/Apps/W1/Shopify at main · microsoft/ALAppExtensions (github.com). Please be as specific as possible, remember to include business justification or a short description of what you are trying to achieve and also update https://github.com/microsoft/ALAppExtensions/blob/main/Apps/W1/Shopify/README.md file as well.

Would be great if you can add example: https://github.com/microsoft/ALAppExtensions/blob/main/Apps/W1/Shopify/extensibility_examples.md , however this is optional.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Andrei Panko
PM, Microsoft



We really need the Data Capture table to be accessible in AL so we can retrieve custom tags and properties we have setup in Shopify. Then we can go get them from the JSON data as needed during events so we can use them. Currently we have no way to access these properties (like on Sales Lines). Or give us events during the mapping of the JSON to the Shopify records so we can process them.

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Having a general reusable "Shopify API client library" at the core of the MS Shopify connector

The Shopify recommends using an available "client library" to anybody wanting to connect to the API:


There is as yet no general Shopify client library written in AL.

Such a library should take care of things that occur across all endpoints like:

  • including the authentication token in each request
  • take care of paging through larger query result-sets
  • waiting 2 secs after getting 429 "Too many requests"
  • ...

It would be nice if we could use the work that MS already did on such points.

It would mean opening up a codeunit like 30103 "Shpfy Communication Mgt.".

Our use case would be transferring BC attributes to Shopify as metafields, but it would possibly ease other extensions of the connector too.

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Is there any chance to allow us to calculate ourselves the stock values for synchronization? For one of our clients, we have a lot of items with assembly boms (boxes), and we would like to calculate stock based on the avaiaible combination boxes, avoiding actual inventory of the parent item.

This is crucial for us to have it asap as Scaptify connector is not working anymore.

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Having tried to extend this myself.

It would be nice to be abled to access the "Shpfy Order Header" table to be able to read it at the very least. At the moment you cannot even create a record variable to that table. We were trying to read the VAT Amount field in the table before the Sales Header, created from the "Shpfy Order Header", was released.

Also if codeunit 30162 "Shpfy Order Events" was opened up we could use OnBeforeReleaseSalesHeader, OnAfterReleaseSalesHeader, OnAfterCreateSalesHeader publishers that would be great. At the moment the Coduenit is Access = Internal and cannot be used.

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Having worked with the Scaptify and Shopify Connector.

Add "State Source" selection to Order Processing like Customer Synchronization has already.

Currently the Shopify XML has both State Name and State Abbreviation (Code). Currently orders pull State Name into the Order and therefore the Sales Order rather than the code. Many Pack and Ship solutions cannot handle name, only the state 2 character code. Currently have PTE Code to Convert it on the Sales Order to work around this issue.

Otherwise, a hook before Sales Document Creation could help some of this be more streamlined.

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We have a function "Online article" in our comCONNECT module. This enables the full description of a BC article for e-commerce.

Article description in HTML, assignment of any number of images, category assignment (collections), attributes (tags or "correct" attributes, individual stock levels, prices).

This goes far beyond the BC standard without having to buy a PIM system. We would like to make these functions available via extensions for Shopify.

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