Hi team!

Is it at all possible to have an area in offer management/Attract where we can store templates for Job descriptions? It would be useful to have the dynamic place cards which you can then link to a 'position' in CoreHR and have the values filled in on creation of the job in Talent: Attract.

Customer use case:
An HR administrator creates job description templates with dynamic values in the offer management/attract area. Upon creation of a job they can then select what job description they would like to use and has all the values filled in when it's linked to a job in CoreHR

Less manual entry for the customer.
A centralised repository for job descriptions.
Yet another experience that can be handled completely out of Attract/Offer management. Less disjointed user experience vs using a SharePoint repository etc.
Low cost to implement - these features already exist within the system, it hopefully won't be too expensive to roll out.



I would also like to see the job descriptions available to an employee in ESS (after hire) and a manager, as well as HR.

Category: Offer management