When calculate price for raw material, the default order type is Purchase order. So logic use the latest cost price as calculation result.
When calculate price for SFG, "Production order" type is used in the calculation. So the "Inventory price" is used as setting in calculation group.
User should be able to calculate the inventory price for Raw material when the Item - Calculation group is mentioned as inventory Price model (but system is not calculating for as per the inventory price.)
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Yes, This is a Bug. I have faced the same issue. Calculation group is not working for purchase items. Even if in a Same Planned costing version, Purchase Items are calculating as per the calculation group only for formula or BOM items. But it is showing the last purchase Price for individual Purchase items.
Formula Item is : FG-001
Raw materials : RM-001, RM-002
Calculation Group : Inventory Price
RM-001 - Last Purchase Price : 10 , Inventory Price :12
RM-002 - Last Purchase Price : 20 , Inventory Price :24

When Calculation done for FG-001: Price will will derived as 12+24 =36, and in the calculation details it will show as
RM-001 - Inventory Price :12
RM-002 - Inventory Price :24

But in the costing version will show below lines in which Row no. 2 and 3 values are wrong
1. FG-001 - 36
2. RM-001 - Last Purchase Price : 10
3. RM-002 - Last Purchase Price : 20

Where as , the row no 2 and 3 should be
2. RM-001 - Inventory Price :12
3. RM-002 - Inventory Price :24

Category: Cost Management