Under GST law. if a fixed asset is transferred from one registration number to another, then GST should be computed, however, there is no such provision in the system.

1.In the Navigation pane, go to Modules > Fixed assets > Fixed assets > Fixed assets.
2.In the list, find and select the fixed asset to transfer.
3.On the Action Pane, click Fixed asset.
4. Click Transfer fixed assets.
5.In the Transfer date field, enter a date. Enter comments to describe the transfer.
6.This list shows the existing financial dimension values for the selected book.
Select the financial dimension you want to update for the selected fixed asset book.
7.In the Financial dimension field, click the drop down button to open the lookup. Set other financial dimension values as appropriate.
8.Click Update.
9.Click Transfer.

The GST should be calculated based in GST law. There is no such provision in the system.
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