Currently email item is only associated on one case.

However it's not unusual that email item might have several queues as recipient. In this case my customer would like to have a feature where original email item is attached on all queue cases where ARC -rule is active.

For example:

Email item has 2 recipients which are queues in CRM. Queue 1 has ARC-rule and case is being created with email associated. Queue 2 has ARC-rule and case is being created but without email associated.
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Thanks for your feedback. This idea is under review.

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We have same problem on our projects. When you connecto 2 diferent mailboxes, and an email enter to both of the (as TO or CC) only one mail is created on Dynamics 365,

As mail only can be related to 1 ticket because limitations of Regarding Field. Sometimes ARC fails, sometimes crete 2 tickets but on without email.

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Agree, this is one has hit me on several recent projects.

We have no choice but to do customisations to make it useable in the common scenario where multiple queues are recipients, otherwise users in different teams are faced with a case but no email to provide any context.

We can neither specify “Only create a case for one of the queues (in this priority order)” nor “Create a case for all queues which all include the original email in timeline” .

Sometime people copy the email content into the case description as a workaround, but this doesn’t help for email attachments, otherwise it’s really custom power automate or plugins cloning records. Please consider this one.

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