I have lost count of the number of times I have made one or more of the following modifications to inventory Picks & Put-aways: over the years:

1. Add Ship-to address and other shipping details to Inventory Picks- These are single source document so there is no reason from this data not to be there. As it stands a warehouse users had to drill down to the source document to see the info.
2. Add the ability on the Create Inventory Put-away/Pick/Mvt batch job to allow users to filter by Source Document Line fields - especially the Shipment Date & Planned Shipment Date fields.
Then you can run the create pick option filtering by ..T to pick everything that should go out by today, or should have already gone.
3. Extend Inventory Put-ways to allow Sub-contract POI Receipts - this should be done for Warehouse Receipts as well.
4. Add a flag to field to highlight that Inv Pick & Put Lines require Item Tracking/Lot Serial Info before they can be posted.
5 .Add the ability to generate Lot & Serial Numbers on Inv Put lines from the No. Series on the Item Card.
6. Add the ability to create Lot/Serial Info from an Inv Put Line - currently it is pretty much impossible.
7. Improve the Pick/Put-away/Movement documents so they don't have to be modified every time you do an implementation.

I have specifications and code available for all of the above please get in touch :-)
Category: Warehousing
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