Actions don’t maintain their pre-fixes across environments – unlike everything else in Dynamics. Instead, the pre-fix is generated on the fly at time of the initial import into an environment based on the publisher of the solution being imported. Therefore, if you have an action called “abc_customactionname”, but you export it with a solution whose publisher has a prefix of “new”, then the unique name of the action becomes “new_customactionname” in all environments where that solution gets imported. This creates an undue burden on delivery engagements when there are multiple development resources ,and they use varying prefixes to have them all overwritten by the publisher. It introduces risk of run-time failures due to environment configurations which don't align because calling abc_customactionname in JavaScript and plugins will fail in some environments not others (due to the action name changing).
We would like to see the behavior of the product changed so that when you import new custom actions they retain their original prefix instead of it being overwritten by the publisher prefix. This feature would allow for a smoother development experience with less rework.
Category: Platform
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