The following scenario have been reported:
Translations for Product configuration models, attributes and components have been added. Notes are automatically generated based on the setup made in Product information parameters > Configuration documentation types .
When generating a sales order for a customer account having a different language than the User language, the documents produced (eg. Sales order confirmation/packing slip/Invoice), do not display the Notes translated in the customer language, the notes are using the User language instead, which is not expected. In addition the Configuration is not translated at all.

It would be very helpful if a change in this direction could be considered,. Based on received insight, maybe a parameter could be introduced, which would provide the user with the option on choosing which language should be used.
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft