Hi Team,

Though the Advance Find feature is there for quite a while, but no Automation features surround it.

Use cases like

  • Ability to build custom queries by the user which can be leveraged in automation. We can use {CrmUrl}/SFA/goal/ParticipatingQueryCondition.aspx?entitytypecode={entitycode}&readonlymode=false but it is not supported as there is documentation surrounding it.
  • Ability to pass dynamically/custom query params to the advance find
  • Ability to request executed results from advance find programmatically
  • Ability to have a view selector allowable to be set on Forms, for automation to be run against

Currently too much configuration is involved by developers to make it happen. If advance find as a tool is exposed for building around it, It would tremendously increase the use cases and drives towards faster adoption and Drives Lowcode development.

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