BUG ID#264919, Foreign currency revaluation proposed for settled ledger transactions in prior closed fiscal years.

Business Impact :

Settlement and year end close should prevent the transactions to reappear on foreign currency revaluation. Only open transactions should be considered for the revaluation. D365 is posting revaluations which are completely wrong. It is executing a revaluation when no revaluation is expected and as a result the financial books are wrong

Repro Steps:

1. Navigate to General Ledger>>Ledger Set up>>Ledger Settlements

Advanced Ledger settlement- Yes
Main account- 110180 ( Any Balance sheet accounts)
2. Save the form
3. General Ledger>>Journal entries>>General Journal>>Create New
4. Click on Lines

Date: 1/24/2019
Offset account-110110
Currency - EUR

5. Post the transaction

6. General ledger>>Period close>>Year End close- Select Run Fiscal close- USMF

7. Click ok-

Select Fiscal year- 2019
Voucher- 333

8. Click ok – We can see the Fiscal year has been closed on 1/24/2020
9. General Ledger>>Periodic task>>Ledger Settlements

From Date: 1/1/2019
End Date: 1/1/2020
Financial dimension set- main Account

Actual Result:

Step 9 : Opening transactions for main account 110180 -100 with the voucher number 333 is shown on the form

Expected Result:

Step 9: Opening transactions and closing transactions for the main account 110180 should not be shown.
Category: General Ledger
Ideas Administrator

With release 10.0.25, a new feature can be enabled called "Awareness between ledger settlement and year-end close". This feature ensures that only unsettled transactions are brought forward as opening balances into the next fiscal year.  This will ensure that the settled transactions for the previous fiscal year not included in the opening balance and therefore cannot be included in the GL foreign currency revaluation. Please read the external documentation for this new feature for considerations on when to enable the feature and other functionality included.