Current behavior:

1. Whenever a user is in a queue view, they work with “Cases available to work on” view.

2. Now, when I pick this case, as expected it goes away from this view and I can then see the case in “Cases I am working on view”.
3. This is not very efficient, because a user has to keep shifting between views, unless they are working with “All items” or “All cases in selected queue” view.

Makes sense when multiple items are being picked at once.

Our wish:

Can we make it possible to directly open the record (email/case) when a user picks it up (just one item), instead of picking it, changing view, then again opening it?

We could have a scenario where you would have one behavior if you only pick one item and a different when picking multiple – that would make sense. And likely a setting to control this behavior.
Needs Votes
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This item is currently under review by our product management team. Please continue to add comments and discuss use cases on this thread to help us understand your needs!


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