As an MS partner we hear often complains about the authenticity of the Dynamics email URL's. With worldwide ransomware attacks in mind, people are more skeptic about the URL they click. When hovering over an URL from a Dynamcis email, results in a large URL that is being interpreted suspicious by a number of our clients.

Pro's if implemented into Dynamics
- We think that a short URL with the client domain included will perform much better in Spam filters
- Higher clickrates
- Beter sender reputation scores
- More trust

Con's if not impemented:
The URL's that dynamcis now uses, are long and hard to see who the source is.
With the increasing number of Ransomware and phising mailings, we see that this becomes a larger problem in the last year. Therfore we hope you will make this issue a top priority to change the URL into a shorter and more authentic URL.
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Thank you for your feedback!
This is a great suggestion! We feel there should be more community votes to have this idea implemented.

PM, Dynamics 365 Marketing