Due the datasoruce refresh is only refreshing the datasource and not the system processs (Match, Merge, Serach) customer set a Refresh Schedule to refresh shared data sources and run system process every day at X Time

The refresh datasource is ending succesfully but when the Refresh Scheduled is executed the status of the datasources change to "Completed with Warning"

This the message

"Data sources managed by you refresh on their own schedules. Schedule refresh runs: Daily at XX:00 in Time. Last known refresh status: Successful."

We got answer this is by design and the intention is let customer knows that there 2 Refreshes, but if data was succesfully none warning should be marked

Category: Data Ingestion
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we are grateful for this input. the Cusomer insigthts team would love to consider this idea but optimally it should receive more votes first. we will make sure to track it over time and update on any change to it's status.