We are using standard editiable grid Hi
We are using standard editable grid but facing limitations with using it.
We need to have columns for item number, item description and item description two, but are facing the issue that when adding columns, or changing them, the editable grid gets locked.

Also as a suggestion, when searching for an item, it would be good to be able to add the amount directly. As it is now one needs to add the item then add the amount, add next item and then add next amount.
I would suggest a box with item search and where you can add amount. Like the a �quick add� but as a dialogue box that would appear next to the next to the opportunity product grid/quote grid. Once clicking on the + sign, the box would appear with lookup for product, amount (at least). It would also be good to be able to register several items without having to click on the plus button so that once you have clicked on the plus button and have added the item and amount, you would have the option to click on add, or add and close. Add would add the item to the grid but leave the �quick add� box open for searching for the next item to be added.
Another feature that would be good is to have the possibility to add several amounts of a product bundle, and that what is in the product bundle is multiplied by the amount chosen. Now one must change amount item per item in the editable grid.

One thing that is frustrating for us at least is that we are used to the last registered item comes last at the bottom of the grid, where as standard Dynamics is the opposite with the last registered item coming on top. This should be easy to choose what you want as a customer in the standard view. Today it is not possible as I understand it.
I know that this can be handled by creating custom entities and scripts etc. but I can not see why this shouldn�t be standard.

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Ability to customize the views of the opportunity product editable sub-grid is now available on Unified Client. You can also use the new enhanced experience to add multiple products at the same time.