Description of problem:
When an Expense Report is submitted with an intercompany project, the Expense Report Workflow's "Condition" element is giving the result of False instead of True.


Brief Repro Steps:-
Repro Steps in Brief: -
1) Deployed 10.0.9 environment.
2) Created a Project group "IC" in both USMF and USSI Companies.
3) Created a project in USSI company belonging to "IC" group.
4) Created a project in USMF company belonging to "IC" group
5) Set up the workflow conditional decision in expense management workflow >>
If proj group is IC >> Approval goes to user Brooke
else >> Approval goes to Workflow user (Julia)

6) Logged into USSI company >> entered an expense report.
Selected the legal entity as USMF and selected the newly created project created in step 4) which
belongs to IC group.
Our expectation would be the condition should be evaluated to "True" and approval should to Brooke
However, the condition fails, and approval goes to Julia.
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